There is an overload of information about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu online. Much of it is mediocre. Below are links to high quality resources that have helped me to improve my game.


The Gentle Art is Cane Prevost’s BJJ blog. Cane is a SBGi black belt and originator of the 3P (posture, pressure, possibilities) method of teaching. His blog focuses on posture and pressure, the two most important concepts in BJJ.

BJJ 201 ( was Martin Aedma’s BJJ blog. Martin is also a SBGi black belt, and the first black belt in Estonia. Martin’s blog has lots of great information on how to effectively apply pressure.


BJJ Scout’s Youtube channel provides analysis and breakdowns of top competitors. A must-watch resource for those of us who are obsessed with BJJ.

TrumpetDan’s Youtube channel has an excellent breakdown of Roger Gracie’s game. Dan has deconstructed Roger’s technical game from competition footage and describes the small details that Roger uses.

Straight Blast Gym International Youtube channel. BJJ taught in typical SBGi style — simple, conceptual, understandable.


Aliveness 101 is Matt Thornton’s training blog. This is the best resource for the serious BJJ student. Matt is the founder of SBGi and is most well known for emphasising the importance of training with aliveness.

Self Defence for Women. An essay on the self defence needs of women, and how they differ from those of men. Many self defence courses teach methods that work for men but won’t work for women. This essay examines these differences and outlines a self defence solution that works for women.


ADCC Rules

FILA Grappling Rules

NAGA no-gi Rules


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