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We teach you how to grapple to a high standard. For success in MMA, BJJ competition, self-defence or simply for the joy of gaining expertise in a difficult skill.

Proof of our expertise

One of our member’s MMA debut. Win via head-arm choke in 75 seconds.

A sample of no-gi submission grappling matches.

Fight Clinic’s gym review.

Gym Visit – 80/20 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – The Unintentional Shark-Tank

There are a lot of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gyms in Australia. Almost all of them are affiliated with larger organisations and international coaches, and in almost all of them everyone wears their graded rank with pride. 80/20 is NOT one of those gyms.

Head coach Dion Mendel has created a unique atmosphere at his BJJ club. Without any affiliation to a particular organisation, the issue of “gym loyalty” simply doesn’t exist. Everyone from everywhere is welcome in what Dion bills as “the friendliest gym for BJJ in Perth”. But that is a simplification for what has become an amazing network of technique and an unintentional shark tank of BJJ practitioners.

And rankings? Don’t worry about it. There’s only one way to find out if the person you’re about to wrestle is a brown belt or a white belt, and that’s by jumping into the tank (no-gi is the way to go at 80/20, but you’re welcome to wear a gi too if that’s your thing).

The result of Dion’s work is in front of you. If twenty different people are on the mat, you’re going to see twenty different styles of BJJ. And the level of skill for the amount of time spent training is phenomenal. If you like your jitz without the politics, get to 80/20.

Why are our standards so high?

There are many black belt instructors these days. They’ll all be able to show you hundreds of techniques, and you’ll achieve basic competence in BJJ. But then you’ll hit the wall. Your head is juggling over a hundred techniques and adding more techniques only makes it worse. This is where most people throw their hands in the air, proclaim that they’re not smart enough for jiu-jitsu, and quit. There is a better way.

We’ve taken the entire BJJ experience; techniques, class structure, coach/student interactions. We’ve broken it down to nothing then rebuilt it, keeping what works, discarding what doesn’t, borrowing from other sports and inventing when necessary.

What’s different to other gyms?

We don’t focus on techniques

Applying a technique (a specific sequence of movements) against a resisting opponent, rarely works out the same as in practice. Thinking in techniques is the number one reason people get exasperated with BJJ. Instead we teach you how to be adaptable against a resisting, unpredictable opponent.

Practising with progressive resistance

Our training takes you from being able to trivially defeat a non-resisting partner, through progressively increasing levels of resistance toward the goal of being able to defeat a fully resisting skilled opponent. It takes time and experience for your training partner to learn how to match their increase in resistance to your increase in skill. I am extremely proud of our members’ skill in adjusting resistance levels.

No external displays of rank

If you’re wearing a white belt, and you’re up against someone wearing a purple belt, you’ve likely mentally defeated yourself before you start. External displays of rank psychologically limit you. When you remove the idea of ranking, a black belt is the same as a white belt and you have the potential to win against them. Would you rather be a black belt or beat a black belt?


There are no right ways to do jiu-jitsu, there is only efficient and less efficient. Our goal is to teach you the skills to defeat an opponent. Our art is to do it in the most efficient way possible.



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Frequently asked questions

Our instructor, Dion Mendel, began learning BJJ in 2004 at Gracie Barra Perth. He taught classes there as a purple and brown belt. Before leaving to start 80/20 BJJ in 2011, he was a full time instructor teaching six classes a week.

Dion was awarded his Black belt by Adam Metcalf (WA’s first BJJ Black Belt).

Absolutely! We all started where you are today. Other members helped and encouraged us, and made us what we are today. Now it’s our turn to help you.

We focus on quality over quantity. You probably know hundreds of moves, but how many can you perform in a roll?

We focus on high percentage moves, and take the time to help you get good at them.

The more experienced athletes will give you attention and you won’t be left by yourself on the sidelines (we don’t have cliques).

Most of us train in shorts and rashguards. Some wear spats (full leg compression wear). We encourage individuality, so you’re welcome to wear that cool design you saw online.

In the beginning, you’ll be using your muscles in ways that you’re not used to. Go slowly at first until your body becomes stronger and more mobile. Rest days are important!

Training no-gi means that you don’t grab the other person’s clothing. Traditional Jiu-Jitsu uses the Japanese kimono and belt (gi) and encourages cloth grabbing. Aside from being unrealistic street wear, the gi is uncomfortable, causes skin abrasions and finger overuse injuries.

No-gi is the fun way to train. It encourages creativity and allows you fully focus in the moment, without worrying about the other person ripping your clothing.

No, that’s just a false form of respect. Respect is earned by improvement, perseverance and hard work.

The first session is always free (book in first, don’t just show up). This lets us get to know each other.

Our gym culture is the secret to our success. We want to be sure you fit right in and have a great first session, so book in first so you’ll be ready to begin.

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