New to BJJ?

Beginner BJJ

When you train, you think of nothing else. You are completely in the moment. You are alive.

Everyone who trains BJJ experiences it. The blood thunders through your veins. Your body twists, arches, stretches. We’re built to move, not sit in a chair. Your mind races, probing, analysing the situation. You see the hint of an opening.

Misdirection. A push, a shift, and the opening widens. It’s enough. You take the submission. Tap.


  • Increased strength, stamina and mobility

    There’s no fitness like BJJ fitness. You’ll be tired after your first class, no matter how often you run or go to the gym.

  • Mental and physical resilience

    You will tap many times. Each time you tap, it means you give up, that you’re not as good as you thought you were. This will strengthen your ability to endure.

  • Proven self defence

    Read some real life self defence stories from our members.

  • Camaraderie through shared experience

    BJJ is not easy. It takes grit and perseverance. But you’re not alone. Your training partners are on the same journey. They’ll be there to celebrate your achievements and commiserate with you when you fall short.

  • Satisfaction from gaining a rare skill

    How many people can control another person on the ground? Not many. If you stick with BJJ you’ll become one of the few people in the world able to do this.

  • Self confidence based on real ability

    There’s nothing worse than false confidence. It causes you to overestimate your ability and leads to you getting out of your depth.

    You test yourself everyday at BJJ. You know your strengths and your limitations. The confidence this gives is grounded in reality.

Why do people do BJJ?

BJJ is one of the world’s fastest growing sports. Exposure by Mixed Martial Arts contests, such as the UFC, has fueled this popularity but the real reason for its success is that it fulfills the physical and psychological needs that aren’t being met in the rest of our lives.

All children grapple with each other. Their joy as they do this is obvious. As adults, we are self restrained, serious and dignified. Our bodies are stiff and immobile.

BJJ allows us to regain our suppleness, our fluidity. There is joy in being able to move smoothly and freely.

You don’t need to be especially fit or have prior experience to begin BJJ. This is probably its biggest drawing point. BJJ is a personalised journey. We all have different body types but the same goal. Finding our own path is what makes it fun.

What to expect on your First Class

It can feel intimidating trying a combat sport. You’ll be walking into a room full of experts as the lone beginner. What will happen? Will they beat you up or ignore you?

You’ve chosen the right gym to learn BJJ. As well as our technical excellence, we’re known for our friendliness and welcoming environment.

Our training sessions are not like school, where an expert dictates to passive learners. Our classes are structured to help you discover what works for you. You’ll be working with partners of different experience levels, finding out what works and what doesn’t.

When you find something that works, you’ll be improving on it, practising it and eventually mastering it. You’ll be getting input from your training partners, but what you’ll end up with will be something uniquely yours.

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