What is persistence?

What is persistence?

You’re at home. Training starts soon but you’re warm, the couch is comfy and Home and Away will be starting soon. Plus there’s a bag of crisps in the cupboard and beer in the fridge.

For most people, this is the start to a good night. You’ve got a Netflix subscription that isn’t going to watch itself, a social media account just begging to hear all about your virtuous self and an index finger ready to get worn raw by swiping right. All this plus those bottles on the top shelf in the kitchen, what more could you want?

Yet despite this comfort, you do want something more. To sweat, to feel the soreness of muscles that have been worked hard, to feel the satisfaction of a skill well executed, to share the camaraderie of like minded peers.

And yet, Home and Away will be starting soon.

Plus, it’s not as if you don’t have a good reason for staying home tonight. Maybe you’ll skip this one time…

The hardest part about training is getting there. Bad day at work? Come anyway, you’ll feel better once you start. Injured? Come anyway, you can still learn by watching. Tired? Come anyway, half a training session is better than none.

When you first began training, what sort of person did you want to become? Are your current choices still leading you in that direction?

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