Trained before?

80/20 is not like your old gym. We use modern training methods to get you good fast.

Traditional gyms use a common formula – a warmup of running in circles and hip escapes, followed by three random moves and then finishing with rolling.

You can learn BJJ this way, but it’s slow and inefficient. You’ve probably drilled hundreds of techniques, yet you’ve only used a handful of them in a roll. That’s a lot of training time wasted on techniques that don’t work.

Listen to Ben Askren (Olympic wrestler and undefeated professional MMA fighter) talk about training for performance and how traditional BJJ schools are doing it wrong.

You need more than just techniques

Getting good at jiu-jitsu is more than just having a collection of moves. You need to know why the moves work, when to use them, and how to modify them on the fly.

We teach you how to do this.

A 7-step technique is too complicated. It is simpler to focus on the concepts behind the technique. Know what the main goal is and have several tools to help you achieve it. Multi-step moves don’t survive the chaos of rolling.

Any gym can teach you jiu-jitsu techniques. We teach you how to make the techniques work.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what fight clinic had to say in their gym visit.

Your jiu-jitsu toolbox

In your jiu-jitsu toolbox, you need tools that you’ll use everyday. They need to be easy to find. You need to know how to use them and they need to be of high quality.

Everyday tools

When you learn something in class, you should be able to immediately apply it to your rolls. If you can’t, your instructor just wasted your time with irrelevant details.

Is your time on the mat being used effectively?

Accessible tools

How many ways do you know to escape the mount? It doesn’t matter. What matters is if you can you escape this mount right now?

Your skills need to be there when you need them. Having too many possibilities leads to analysis paralysis.

Know your tools

You need to spend time with your techniques to become familiar with them. 10 reps with a co-operative partner won’t get you there.

You need to know how the technique feels with different body types. What are the common counters? When does the technique break down? How can you make it succeed?

High quality tools

Helio Gracie was small and had to modify jiu-jitsu to make it work for him. Our main instructor is smaller than Helio was and rolls with everyone in the gym, big or small.

If you want to be sure the technique works, learn it from someone smaller than you.

Gym culture

Tired of the cultish nature that is seeping into jiu-jitsu? Tired of the bowing, the talks about loyalty, team and creontes? Tired of the purple circles of higher belts and their secret moves?

We’re too busy with jiu-jitsu to have time for that nonsense.

If you love jiu-jitsu, you’re welcome here. If you’re training at another gym, that’s cool, you’re also welcome. We’re happy to train with people from other gyms.

We don’t wear our belt level on our training gear. Belts are for competition, they don’t matter in the gym. Experts with 10+ years experience train with fresh beginners. It’s a liberating feeling when you don’t have to worry about anyone’s belt level. You can take risks and grow your game when you’re not worried about your standing in the hierarchy.

See a cool move on youtube? Awesome! Show us and let’s see if it’s legit. Jiu-jitsu is evolving fast and new ideas can come from the unlikeliest of places.

Heelhooks and other illegal moves? Sure! We’ve been training with illegal moves for years. Don’t rely on the referee or the ruleset to keep you safe. Train with the illegal moves now so you won’t be surprised if your opponent attempts one in competition.

Injuries? We have an extremely low injury rate. Most BJJ injuries are caused by an attitude similar to “You’re a blue belt, you can’t tap to a white belt”. Belt rank doesn’t matter at 80/20. If you get caught in a submission, awesome! Tap hands and roll again. If you’re not tapping, it probably means you’re not stretching your boundaries and you’re not progressing. Winning and losing is for competition, not in the gym.

Come train with us!

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