Since I started Bjj I’ve lost 21 kgs and all without a single pushup or situp which I hate. I’ve trained in many martial arts under many award winning Instructors but no one had come close to Dion. His dedication to individual goals and needs of each student and flexibility in training is unprecedented in my experience.

If you have never tried BJJ or you already love it, Dion and 80/20 has a lot to offer and I’m sure in a very short time you will agree he will develop and refine your game significantly.

Dion helped my prepare for an international competition in Brazil earlier this year. In the weeks leading up to the competition, he took my jiu jitsu technique to a new level and helped me develop a game-plan for the tournament.

Thanks to Dion I went to Brazil eager to compete and win against opponents from all over the world. When I stepped on the mat in Rio, I felt ready. I won a silver medal and enjoyed one of the best experiences of my life.

They say that the sign of a great teacher is their ability to simplify a difficult principle for a novice, and expound upon that same principle for another more advanced student.

That said: Dion is a great teacher, and one I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to take their BJJ skills to the next level.

I first met Dion two years ago when I started learning BJJ. At that point in time I did not know my arse from my elbow when it came to rolling around on the mat.

I really needed to learn the basics and Dion helped me master the basics to the point that I got my blue belt in BJJ in half the time I thought it would take me, saving me a lot of time and effort. He is now assisting me as I work towards getting higher belts.

Please don’t take my word for it: go down to the club and talk to Dion.

Even better: ask him a question about any aspect of BJJ, once you do: I am sure you will begin to understand what I am talking about.

Training BJJ at 80/20 is like what I imagine it would be like to be addicted to drugs except without all the negative side effects. While down at the club training with my new best mates I am totally consumed with what I’m doing, to the point where everything else becomes white noise. When I’m not training I’m thinking about training. How can I pass Mark’s guard? How can I get Mikes back? What youtube video will give me the edge on all my team mates? It’s the most addictive yet cathartic experience you will ever have.

Before starting at 80/20 BJJ I was playing football and was always injured, sometimes out of action for over 6 weeks. I thought this was something to be expected from all contact sports and had heard there was a chance of doing serious damage to joints like knees and shoulders in martial arts. I’ve been training with Dion for over two years now and have not had to have more than a few days off from training for any injuries. Dion is always coming up with really productive ways to work around any injuries people might have whilst still learning the art.

BJJ is one of the first things I have done in my life that is truly difficult and rewarding at the same time. At 80/20 there is rarely a time when you feel like your learning has plateaued because Dion is always constantly challenging you to be better without an atmosphere of stress or pressure.

BJJ is fun exercise: you get to work muscles you didn’t know you had, and you are also 100% having to use your brain to figure out how to move against your opponent. Beats a totally brain dead session at the gym any day!

I love the supportive atmosphere of the club. Unlike a lot of combat sport clubs, the guys are there to learn, not to push each other around and look tough. Everyone has fun, but it is still as challenging as you want to make it.

Dion uses learning theory when he teaches (the science-y stuff). Rather than learning a bunch of random stuff and forgetting most of it, you come back maybe a month later and that pattern is still in your brain, ready to use when you land in that position in a roll. If you want to get good fast, I recommend the classes at 80/20!

Some good news. I won.

Only four of us in the division. I was nervous as hell.

Applied our game plan, got lapel grips, went to ground and fought from there. A little daunting when you have no support, but was congratulated by spectators afterwards.

First Round: Won by submission (Kimura). I was ahead on points (I think 6-0, didn’t really look at the score on the first one). I worked to disrupt his game, insert my own and got the submission from the mount.

Second Round: Won by submission (choke). Ahead on points (10-0), took his back and got the choke (he didn’t tap out and almost KO him, fight stopped by ref, he was very dazed).

I have done BJJ for the past eight years and Dion has always been my coach, friend and mentor in this time. We are lucky to have him and his wealth of knowledge.

The great thing about 8020bjj is that it’s the friendliest gym in W.A. and everyone looks out for one another. There is no ego and we all help each other reach our goals.

Dion has helped me develop my coaching ability and always listens to my questions and thoughts on BJJ and how to best coach it. This has helped me develop my on little club at the high school I teach at and my own students are doing excellent in BJJ competitions.

Be warned BJJ is addictive. It’s all I think about day and night

I was always interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but a little apprehensive about giving it a go, I figured maybe I had missed the boat, no longer in my 20’s and with a pretty unhealthy lifestyle, surely it would be too much for me.

I’m not sure what pushed me to actually send the email and contact Dion at 80/20BJJ but once a time was set, I figured I had to give it a shot.. but I can bow out at any moment if its not for me, so I gave it a go.

My first lesson was awesome, people were very friendly and welcoming which put me at ease, it was not going to be the Kobra Kai karate kid scene after-all.

BJJ has exceeded all my expectations, I have lost more weight than I ever expected, improved my fitness to a level I have never experienced before, learnt something that is truly exceptional and met people who I consider very good friends.

80/20 BJJ is an incredibly friendly environment to train, Dion is an excellent instructor who has created an easy place to learn Jiu Jitsu, no ego or competitiveness just good people who are into bettering themselves and their Jiu Jitsu.

I feel very lucky to be able to train at 80/20bjj, I am amazed at how much I have improved myself by simply making the decision to get down and give it a go, Jiu Jitsu has become a real passion in my life and I have to give the credit to Dion and everyone at 80/20bjj.

I have been training BJJ for about half a year under Dion’s instruction and it has been an amazing experience.

Not only does Dion do a great job of teaching, but he also has a light-hearted personality which allows for a great culture in class. This makes it easy to learn and a lot of fun.

Come down and roll. You won’t regret it.

Training at 80/20 BJJ has given me a pool of knowledge not only in my BJJ training, but also in how important comradery is in a team. This comradery promotes trust, understanding of your weaknesses, and the ability to be honest to your team mates and yourself.

I am honored to have such a dedicated teacher such as Dion to help guide me through all the paths of jiu jitsu, with an incredible amount of knowledge and yet to be still open minded to new possibilities. I believe the whole Team at 80/20 BJJ personifies what it really means to cultivate and expand your training on the art of BJJ.