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Subdue a 90kg man without striking. Are you for real?

Try a thought experiment. It’s Friday night and you’re working late. One of your co-workers comes back from the pub and he’s drunk. Too drunk to take your hints that no, you’re not interested. He comes closer, reaching. You push him away. The lopsided grin falls from his face. His jaw hardens.

Choose what to do next:

Attempt to talk him down.

Not much is getting through his alcohol numbed brain, and he wasn’t too bright to start with. He doesn’t seem to notice you speaking. His eyes rake your body.

Back away from him.

Uh-oh, there’s not much higher brain activity going on and the primitive brain has taken over. You’ve awakened his prey drive. He follows you and you’re now cornered. You don’t think you can escape past him.

Push him away again.

He’s much bigger than you. You’re not strong enough. It has no effect.

Fight! Punch, kick, bite, scratch.

You hit him as hard as you can. He was surprised and you got in a good hit. It hurt him, but he shakes it off just like you would shake off a hit from a child. He’s angry now. You feel very afraid.

… I’m out of options.

Do you want to:

  • exercise your body but find the gym boring
  • exercise your brain as well as your body
  • experience being in the moment and momentarily forget the stress in your life
  • regain the excitement of learning
  • feel proud about achieving something difficult
  • feel satisfied at the end of a session

We offer a short four week course that will give you all this. And as a bonus, you’ll learn skills that can keep you safe.

This course teaches more than just how to stay safe if you are attacked. It teaches you to better understand your own body so you can physically control potentially violent situations. Imagine having to physically restrain a drunk teenager who insists “I’m fine to drive”.

“But I’m not physically strong enough to do this”

Royce Gracie vs Akebono

Royce Gracie (82kg) BJJ black belt defeats Akebono (220kg) Sumo Grand Champion

You’ve probably heard of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Most people have. There is no doubt that BJJ allows a smaller person to defeat a larger, stronger opponent.By learning and practising some core BJJ concepts you can gain skills and knowledge to increase your effective strength to control an adversary. Want more detailed information? Here’s an article that explains how BJJ is an ideal self defence for women.

This course is constructed expressly for women. From the content to the training methodology, this is a course that will give you real skills you can feel confident about.

You will learn to:

  • defend yourself when on the ground
  • stay calm when being pinned by an attacker’s body
  • use leverage to increase your effective strength
  • position your body to reduce the effective strength of an attacker
  • use the strong muscles of your body, rather than the weak ones
  • get out from underneath the body of an attacker
  • turn the tables on an attacker and end up on top of him
  • hold down and restrain an attacker

Warning: Learning BJJ is addictive. It may re-awaken your passion for learning. Hear what other women have to say about BJJ.

What has held you back in the past?

Are you:

  • conscious of the way you look
  • worried about your current level of fitness or strength
  • unsure how to begin to regain your fitness

These things can hold you back and prevent you from experiencing something new. This course is run in a casual, friendly environment. You will be learning and training together with other women who are similar to you. The feeling is of a group of friends who are all helping each other work out how to effectively use their bodies when on the ground.

Course Details

The course consists of four 1 hour classes, held once a week. You will be learning fundamental skills in how to control a violent aggressor.

Participant numbers are limited to 12 so you can get the personalised attention you need.

You will specifically learn how to:

  • use correct postural alignment to increase your strength
  • misalign an attacker’s posture to reduce his strength
  • stay calm when being pinned by an attacker’s body
  • escape from being held down by an attacker
  • hold down and control an attacker

Register your interest in attending at the sidebar on the right. Courses are run upon demand.

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