The next women’s self defence course is to be held on:

Dates to be finalised.


The course is held at the Swan Park Leisure Centre.

Gray Drive, Midvale
Western Australia 6056

View map directions to the Leisure Centre

Course Details

The course consists of four 1 hour classes, held once a week. You will be learning fundamental skills in how to control a violent aggressor.

Participant numbers are limited to 12 so you can get the personalised attention you need.

You will specifically learn how to:

  • use correct postural alignment to increase your strength
  • misalign an attacker’s posture to reduce his strength
  • stay calm when being pinned by an attacker’s body
  • escape from being held down by an attacker
  • hold down and control an attacker

Course cost is $30 per class, for a total of $120 for the course. With up-front payment, this is reduced to $100.

Register your interest in attending at the sidebar on the right.

Have a friend who would benefit from this course?

Fill in the form below to email this webpage to a friend. If you both attend, you will each receive a $20 reduction in the total course cost. This will bring the course cost down to only $80 if paid up-front.

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