Using the Frame to fight the powerhand – Half guard notes week 9

The top player’s power hand is his most important tool in the half guard top position. Even if he is not attacking with it directly, he is using it for balance and defence. Removing the use of his power hand leaves him at a serious disadvantage. We examined fighting the power hand in week 6. We continue this topic here.

The frame that we established last week will be our staging platform for attacking. The top player has limited options for what he does with his power hand. He can:

  1. Grab the bottom player’s nearside hand, head or collar
  2. Grab or push the bottom player’s nearside knee
  3. Post on the ground or otherwise hide the power hand

These limited options make it much easier for the bottom player to prepare a response.

  1. The bottom player must stretch back to create distance and not leave her nearside hand within reach of the top player’s power hand. If the top player reaches for her head or collar, his arm will become extended and it is easier for her to grab his power hand.
  2. If the top player pushes the bottom player’s nearside knee, she can firmly cover his power hand with her hand. This will gain her a second or so before he can free his hand.
  3. If the top player is hiding is power hand, there is nothing the bottom player needs to do as the power hand is no longer a threat.

In all cases, the bottom player has neutralised the top player’s power hand, and is then able to sit up and gain head position.

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